Beach Creek Cottage, Seaspray

Beach Creek Cottage is a Holiday House Rental based in Victoria, situated on the 90 Mile Beach in Seaspray, East Gippsland. The house comfortably has accommodation for 10 people, and is based within 500m of both the Beach and the Creek.

Seaspray is an easy 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne, taking the Princes Highway towards East Gippsland. Once you reach Rosedale, head towards the 90 Mile Beach via Longford and then Seaspray Road.

Seaspray is a quiet seaside village, although it comes alive in peak periods. The nearest major town for shopping is Sale, only 20 minutes away. In addition to the local two shops, there are also Pizza and Bread Vans that often visit.

We're located at 2 Davies Street, Seaspray.

The house has been rennovated extensively, and provides a cosy cottage feel. Everything has been thought of within the Beach House, and it is ideal for a range of guests, including families, groups, couples or friends.


  • Grant - January 2013

    What a wonderful setup you have created at such a prime location in Seaspray.  I am so glad we found the perfect holiday house. I could not have been more


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2 Davies Street,
Victoria, Australia.

(0418) 539 610
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