Seaspray is a small coastal town situated towards the southern end of the pristine Ninety Mile Beach, 32 kilometres south of the large inland town of Sale.

Seaspray's commercial hub is its general store which is located at the junction of Foreshore Road and Lyons Street, providing postal services, takeaway food and fishing gear. The town's caravan park is at the opposite end of town, and has a small shop operating on it’s own.  A recreation reserve with a hall, tennis courts and oval can be found in Futcher Street. Memorial Park, bordered by Buckley Street and Bearup Street, features lawns, BBQ and picnic shelters, a playground and war memorial.

The Ninety Mile Beach is Seaspray's main attraction, offering what appears to be a never ending stretch of blue ocean and vast white sands. Access to the beach is provided at several points along Foreshore Road including at the Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club which is perched on top of the sand dunes with a large viewing deck and ramps leading down to the beach. Many other access points along the coast to the beach provide wooden ramps and staircases over the sand dunes and right down to the sand, some integrated with picnic tables and viewing decks.

Merriman Creek skirts around Seaspray's western edge, opening up to a wide waterway as it meets the Ninety Mile Beach. Near the mouth of the creek is a fishing platform and shelter, accessed by following Trood Street and Foreshore Road to the car park at the end. The creek has formed an island further upstream which can be reached via a walking track which comes off Buckley Street. The island has expanses of lawn and is lightly treed, making it an ideal spot for some quiet fishing or a walk along its several pathways.

Shoreline Drive follows the coastline from Seaspray on its 27 kilometre long journey north-east towards the beachfront town of Golden Beach. It skirts around the small holiday community of The Honeysuckles and close to the shoreline of the typically dry Lake Reeve.

Map of Seaspray Gippsland Victoria and 90 Mile Beach

1. Beach Creek Cottage

Where we are based, at 2 Davies Street, Seaspray.

2. Basketball & Tennis Courts, as well as the Public Hall.

The courts are outdoor courts and the local tennis club has an honesty system for hire n a per hour basis. You will need to bring your own Tennis and Basketball equipment to play. The Public Hall often has different events happening from car boot sales and art shows during the peak periods.

3. The Island

The Island is easily accessible from the house, and has a fishing platform, bench seats and walking track. It's great for recreational fishing, as well as walks for both recreation and photography. There is a large amount of different birds and fish in the area.

4. Ronnie's Tea Rooms

These delightful Tea Rooms, situated on the site of what is believed to be the very first Seaspray home built in 1916, are the ideal place to enjoy a Devonshire Tea while reading the newspapers of yesterday! Ronnie will be thrilled to tell the history, or show you some memorabilia that makes these very modern, but homely tea rooms, a must for a peaceful and relaxed get together with friends. The Tea Rooms are open for Morning and Afternoon Tea most days, and are 950m from the house.

5. The Fishing Platform, Boat Ramp and Toilets

The Fishing Platform is a great spot for recreational fishing in the creek. It's a big platform situted right near the public toilets, picnic table and barbecue areas. The boat ramp and parking are based here as well, and you can use the boat ramp to get small tinnies and jetskis into the creek and, when the mouth is open to the beach, out into the ocean as well.

6. Merrimans Creek

Merrimans Creek is a large wide creek, opening up to a wide waterway as it meets the Ninety Mile Beach. Near the mouth of the creek is the fishing platform, as well as a beach area ideal for toddlers swimming. It's shallow, flat and safe. A feature of the creek is an island upstream, mentioned above, which can be reached via a walking track starting by the mouth of the creek. The creek is great for swimming, fishing, kayaks and canoeing year round.

7. The Open Mouth to the 90 Mile Beach

The creek mouth has been open to the beach for most of the past year. Occassionally weather can affect access. The Ninety Mile Beach actually stretches for 94.5 miles (152km) along Victoria's south-east coast from Port Albert in the south to Lakes Entrance in the north. It is the world's longest stretch of sand beach, with low salt scrub and dunes predominating the adjoining landscape. The area offers surfing, swimming, beach fishing, bird watching, cycling, boating, Jetskiing and beautiful walks. It is on the edge of a long, slender sand dune created by easterly waves and protects the Gippsland Lakes. Beneath the waters are plains of sand which accommodate a staggering amount and range of life. A total of 860 species were found in 10 square metres while in one square metre 187 species were found, all thanks to the fine sands and red seaweed.

8. Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club

The Surf Life Saving Club has flags during the peak seasons, patrolled by full time and volunteer life savers. Also during peak periods it runs a bar and bistro. The club will roon be recieving brand new club rooms and a restaurant, something we are all looking forward to!

9. Seaspray General Store

The Seaspray General Store is open most days during peak season, and weekdays only during the off season. You can find all you need in the store from newspapers, drinks and magazines, food, as well as toys, beach and fishing supplies.

10. Main Playground and BBQ Area

This area is in the centre of the town and has a kids playground, swings, barbecue and picnic area. In additional there is plenty of lawn area for cricket or kicking the football.

11. Caravan Park Office

The office has ice, lpg gas and bait. Soon the Seaspray Caravan Park will be moving nearer to the Beach House, just opposite the Public Hall. Once there the shop will offer more.

12. Closest Beach Entrance

500m from the house, this is the closest entrance to the 90 Mile Beach.


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